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What do our students say?

"As part of my role and career I have had the chance to train and operate in the intelligence/counterintelligence & Investigation space both as a member of the AFP and with Defence over the last 20+ years. I have participated in training with many private and government agencies and in fact international agencies/organisations. I would rate your training as some of the best, if not the best, that I have encountered, clear, concise and relevant. The training was operationally focused and provided an immediate value add" - September 2020

"OSINT Combine Trace Lab Foundation course provides a solid foundation for OSINT techniques and resources available to professions interested in expanding their toolbox. Having entered the course with an interest in OSINT but little knowledge of the specific, I exit the course with a strong understanding of the foundations and resources available. I strongly recommend this course. Thank you Chris Poulter for sharing your expertise and providing excellent resources for future reference." - August 2020

"One of the most interesting and useful courses I’ve done in a while. Have recommended to all of my colleagues." - May 2020

"Chris has become my favourite trainer after having this course. He has been a really supportive, knowledgeable and patience trainer. He knows really well of the OSINT area and gave a lot of demonstrations during the course to explain each topic which I found it really helpful in a student’s perspective. Not like other trainers just using PowerPoint but he went into each website to explain and provided practical training for us as well." - April 2020