Illuminating The Dark Web

Illuminating the Dark Web is a comprehensive, online self-paced, on-demand training course focusing purely on enhancing knowledge in the most prominent dark nets.

This course is aimed at researchers, investigators and analysts from government, military and civilian businesses.

You will learn both foundational skills knowledge, as well as more advanced methods and techniques to collect, analyse and produce high quality open-source intelligence to support your mission-sets that have been linked to the dark web.

Illuminating the Dark Web is designed to build knowledge across various topics associated to the dark web, starting at understanding what the dark web is and how to access it, through to advanced methodology such as scraping and automating data collection. During the course, you will also explore and learn about learn about different dark nets and attribution considerations. You will also look at how to configure your client to access, and safely search, monitor, and investigate the dark web.

Most importantly you will gain hands-on experience with accessing the dark web during the course as we build your confidence and enable you to step through various sites safely.

This course is a standalone course, with notes and resource material throughout all sections, providing a great reference point, or to enhance your dark web investigational capability.

Please see our curriculum below for all the amazing things you will learn throughout this course.

Your Instructor

OSINT Combine Training Team
OSINT Combine Training Team
Our Training Team

The OSINT Combine training team is led by our Head of Training, Jacob Hunter. Jacob held several roles at Victoria Police including Victim Identification Specialist with the Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team, and he was a Senior Instructor of Open-Source Investigations. Jacob begun his intelligence career in the Australian Army deploying to the Middle East and developing intelligence products for CBRN and IED threats.

Jemma is a Senior OSINT Training Specialist, with extensive experience as an intelligence analyst, and has held various cyber roles in the intelligence community. Jemma has delivered OSINT training and development for several Australian Government Agencies.

Mat is a Senior OSINT Trainer with OSINT Combine. Mat was a Senior Instructor at Victoria Police where he developed and conducted training in Open-Source Investigations. Mat has also held various roles during his career with the Australian Army.

Our great team is supported by our CEO Chris Poulter and numerous members of OSINT Combine.

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